Fresh from Instagram: the obligatory skiing holiday X-ray drama

I had to wince when I saw this. It was a difficult sight for a parent: a visceral lurch, almost painful.


But I’m glad we came in: the tibia 🦴 is not set straight and will need some gentle persuasion. Very gentle, I hope. 😳

The hospital was very wise to answer my voicemail with an immediate summons to present my daughter at the accident and emergency ward.

If I didn’t have health insurance (also known as the National Health Service – aka (in the US) a devious Communist experiment ) I’d be sweating bullets by now.

The picture appeared less rosy still once I saw the second X-ray scan from the side. If you imagine someone pitching forward in skis that don’t release, you can imagine the forces at work:-

The unfortunate consequence of travelling downhill at a different speed to your skis.

My wee one is now sofa-bound, resplendent in her new cast, so heavy that she can barely move her leg.

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