Grovelling apology

I’m a bad bad blogger.

I must atone for the absence of guff these last 6 weeks or so. (Good grief, it’s nearer 8 weeks. Whoops.) It’s not as though I’ve been inactive. Far from it. There’s been a lot going on, from my younger daughter’s gradual recovery – still ongoing – from her smashed up leg, to the commencement of a Sisyphean garden renovation project. There always seems to be something to do.

One of the gripping tasks I was engaged in before the twilight descended.

I’ve been grappling – I might as well admit it – to something of an existential slump these past weeks that has constrained my ability to track several things at once.

It’s a familiar feeling. The onset of a fallow period is marked by the gradual jettisoning of non-essential tasks and the suspension of any projects that might tax me beyond my nemesis point. I know the routine: grit teeth, duck head and walk into the gathering storm.

I’m still trudging through the blizzard but in a sign, perhaps, that I’m nearing an inflection point, I’ve forced myself to stretch a hand beyond the circles confining me, look up and pay more attention to the surroundings. You know: people, society, normality. As a result I’m hacking through the day-to-day admin with a little more constructive purpose. May it continue!

I’ll get back to prospecting for work and running through my accounts, but will be looking to pen more entries in the near future.

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