Fresh from Instagram: a little something to feed my signage addiction

In the days before health & safety a few pedestrians would topple over the high wall every day.

It always helps to know where you stand. This area is full of roads that change their identity in odd places. #urbanwalls #urban #photooftheday #photography #london

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Being a global jetsetter has its perks. Travelling via Thameslink is just one of them

Saturday: prodigious snowfall and flight delays. Sunday: it’s spring! Even the train was on time. Though neither phenomenon can be relied on for long. 😉 #london #southwark #weather #fancythat

Quick, enjoy it while it lasts.
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Fresh from Instagram: a long sequence of black runs would be preferable to this

Today’s top challenge: getting a fractured leg from #Borovets #bulgaria to #london.

Every step of the journey has been fixed but it’s a temporary leg brace and, well, movement = pain.

Just your average skiing trip!

My small 7-year-old already has her Purple Heart medal (pictured) for injuries sustained in downhill combat. #ski #skiing #health #whoops

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Fresh from Instagram: the phantom cafe where the Europop never stops

Ah, perhaps not. The runs up here are at the level above black. We’ll stick to the only run that’s open up here, that winds it’s way down the mountain to Borovets.

The odd thing is, I can still hear pumping pop music coming from the phantom cafe. #ski #skiing #borovets #bulgaria #winter #highaltitude

The cafe owner must be wondering why there are no customers today.
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Fresh from Instagram: hard to see where the piste stops and the steep drop begins

White our! Freezing wind is howling through the crack in the door. These might not be ideal conditions. #ski #skiing #borovets #bulgaria #winter #highaltitude

One of those days when there are more people coming down than going up.
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Fresh from Instagram: the EU-approved snack for elevenses**

Now, a biscuit to go with your single currency, foreign policy and army!

Standardised flavour wherever you are: a bit bland and middle-of-the-road!

You will eat these biscuits and you will enjoy them. That is all.

** subject to local time differences

#food #foodporn #borovets #bulgaria

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