The future of cheap news: two pages, infinite content!

Those fine folks at WordPress have unveiled a new project to help propel thrusting news organisations into a brave new world of well, meagre budgets, lower headcount and minuscule margins.

More seriously, though, the NewsPack initiative sounds like A Good Thing. WordPress clearly seems to think so, judging by the news release.

Look, straws! Grasp them!

The need for a cheap but polished publishing platform is urgent, as anyone who has witnessed the decline of regional and local news coverage will recognise. WordPress buffs the issue to a satin sheen, to avoid sending its readers into an emotional tailspin:-

With many local news organizations struggling to find sustainable models for journalism, we’re seeing a need for an inexpensive platform that provides the technology and support that lets news organizations build their businesses and focus on what they do best — providing critical reporting for their communities.

From the blog

Amusingly, the ‘click here for more’ link on this page takes you to another blog page in a different snazzy format, which clicks through to… the original blog page. And so on.

And on, and on.

I think they’ve hit upon something here. It’s the future of cheap news: infinite content, a bit of user interaction and two pages of copy!

All we need now is a fluffy press release from our PR chums at Phill, Space & Leggatt, and copy – paste – boom!

I must away now. Daughter #1 has been on gruel all week, and I’ve promised her a visit to her Caledonian uncle, Ronald McDonald. He’ll spoil her with his usual gifts of salt, fat, sugar and gristle.