Dusting down my filming and editing skills

I’ve been busy reminding myself the ins and outs of video editing, after a bit of time away from the subject. While the technology has galloped ahead, the basics of the craft remain the same.

I’m using Avid Media Composer as an editing platform, though could have chosen Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. The last has picked up a lot of traction lately, though Avid remains an industry standard.

GoPro test drive in 1080p
Watch this video on YouTube.
You’ve got to start somewhere.

Before heading off for our skiing/patient repatriation experience I picked up a second hand GoPro on eBay. They’re easy things to learn. I thought a timelapse drive around the local streets could be a decent test subject and set off.

Since there was only one clip I set myself a challenge to blur or pixelate any road signs I could see. Good grief, there was a lot to process, but it was an effective refresher.

I might yet tweak the audio a little as the vocal level seems a touch high. I used an audio levelling plugin that I probably didn’t need. And the vocal track was not laid down in a treated booth but recorded into a sensitive mic on the desk.

So, in future videos I need to experiment a little with different mics and positions. Also to come: multi-camera shoots, framing shots and lighting!